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I am a chef from Massachusetts. I have been cooking for over 15 years in restaurants all over the USA. I have also visited 40 countries to perform food research. I have a world view of cuisine and can cook just about anything. I enjoy teaching and cooking for children, or of any demographic.

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  • Not only was the food delicious, Josh was a pleasure to have over cooking at our home. He was happy to answer the (very many) questions we asked about his preparation, and rolled with the punches as we added an additional person last minute, and were delayed sitting down.
    We hired him for our mom's birthday brunch, and he helped us craft a 3 delicious plates for a menu based on her favorite Mexican dishes. The ingredients were fresh and shopped for that same morning, and everything tasted SO good.
    The kitchen was left spotless and the leftovers neatly stowed.
    We look forward to hiring him again for many other occasions.

    • Worked on April 6, 2018
  • Joshua was excellent. We hired him for our one year wedding anniversary and he was informative, professional and above all talented. He took special care in sourcing seasoned and beyond fresh materials. We enjoyed our experience with him and look forward to using him in the future!

    • Worked on March 30, 2018