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Signature dish:  

Chicken paprikas

About Me

Throughout my career straddling the worlds of public policy and business, I’ve taken every opportunity to cook for my friends and colleagues. From big political fundraisers to intimate dinners, bringing those around me the joy of a well-made meal has been a constant throughout the years, jobs, and cities I’ve lived in.

Growing up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, I was surrounded by different cultures and cuisines. The Greek, Polish, Mexican, Palestinian, and Italian food of my childhood can be seen in many of my dishes, whether in the vibrant and bold ingredients or the authentic techniques I use. I’ve traveled, lived, and worked all over the globe, and my experiences in and out of the kitchen inform my palette and the high standards to which I hold my own cuisine.

I strongly believe that cooking is an art that uses science to make good food. Employing the right techniques with an eye on “why” helps me achieve my clients’ culinary goals while maintaining the highest quality and sustainability of my cuisine. Whatever your event, I look forward to meeting you and creating a menu your guests will remember.

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