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Lebanese Beef Kefta

About Me

Hi! I am Chef Paul. I am of Lebanese descent; although I was born in SpringValley Illinois, my family has a deep appreciation towards the old country; expecially since my grandparents on both sides came from Lebanon to the United States decades ago.
I moved to Saint Louis Missouri many years ago but moved back in my home state living in Chicago in 2016 and I love Chicago.
Please look at my profile to see photgraphs of my mouth watering food. My cooking tastes as good as it appears. Please keep in mind that I can change or adjust any menu suggestions to your preference.
As far as my experience is concerned, I attended one of the ten most prestigious culinary schools in the nation in Saint Louis, where I was trained in classical French cooking. I graduated with two culinary degrees; one in hotel restaurant management and one in the chef apprenticeship program.
Through assertiveness and my great eagerness to learn, I worked my way through to the only five star Italian restaurant in the country at the time, Tony’s.
I have worked in restaurants, hotels, and private clubs for over thirty years. I have been a personal chef and private chef for ten years as well. One prominent family for whom I worked was the William K. “Billy” Busch family, of Anheuser Busch.
In time, I started my own small intimate catering service which I had for ten years while in Saint Louis. Belonging to the USPCA [United States Personal Chef Association] since 2010, I achieved premier member.
My menus that I created for private employers and for my catering business were then as they are now, innovative and unconventional and unique. I thrive on fresh and unusual ingredients. to create distinctive recipes.
My clients are drawn to because of the variety I offer and yet bring back memories from old traditional favorites. They are excited merely by the creative style of my cooking. My clients come to me not just for great tasting food but for the entertainment value of it.
I often infuse one cultures ingredients with another coming up with an entirely new dish, but I do not leave my clients completely out of the know. I mix unusual ingredients with common ones my clients are familiar with giving them a comfort zone but different enough to intrigue and excite them with anticipation.
I give my clients the respect they deserve, believing they are sophisticated and in the now enough to understand what is being presented to them when they sit down ready for a rare experience.
Although I have a love for the constant changing of modern cuisine, and I love innovation and I am always involved in the latest and upcoming trends, I do not forget the past, I do not forget traditional and classical cooking. I love the old familiar classics from Italy, from France, and my own Arabic culture. You will see these classical staples, among others, in my repitoire of photographs and menus. Please do not hesitate to ask about my traditional offerings.
Finally, I have a strong work ethic and my goal regarding this standard is to bring my clients joy and a means to forget their stress and the struggles of life if only for a few hours. My success is when I have obtain this goal. My contentment is only met when I have given you the pleasure you need and deserve.

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Reviews (2)

  • Great meal and presentation. Chef Paul worked with me to create the perfect meal for me and my wife. He was able to eliminate certain restricted ingredients and still make a fantastic meal.

    • Worked on June 17, 2018
  • I had a buffet party for 25 people at my home on Saturday (6/9). I never hired a chef to come to my home and cook for my parties in the past.
    Chef Paul gave me a free in home consultation to answer all my questions and concerns. When our meeting ended, I was filled with confidence in Chef Paul and excitement regarding my upcoming event.
    I could not believe how well Chef Paul did the night of my event. The food was really the best. I told Chef Paul, at the end of the night, “everything was perfect!”. My family and friends were so impressed.
    They kept looking at him and talking about him and praised his food. Chef Paul is not only an inexplicable cook but he is also one of the most professional, courteous and respectful people I have ever met, plus he has a bit of a sense of humor. I felt very comfortable around him and wished he could be my own private chef.
    I loved having him and look so very forward to having him for future parties. I wish I could express my gratitude beyond a simple thank you but THANK YOU CHEF PAUL!!!

    • Worked on May 18, 2018