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Signature dish:  

Italian Appetizers and Pasta

About Me

Architect by day and dinner party host and cook by night.
My cuisine is inspired by my mom’s simple cooking and the classical Italian dishes.
Proudly Born & Raised in Naples (Italy’s most vibrant city) I grew up being fascinated by my mom’s simple home cooking, as using only locally grown products (mostly by my grandfather’s field & local farmers) & traditional flavors.
I also enjoy food-shopping in organic food markets, grew & harvest my own vegetable garden (especially in spring/summer) making fresh pasta sometimes, baking and show-cooking and coaching.
Living in a vibrant & creative city like New York, gave me the motivation & inspiration to share my passion with the world, in a more tangible and committed way.
Join me and my culinary Neapolitan “journey”.
Giuseppe (AmatoCibo)

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