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Signature dish:  

Ocean Trout "Tostada"

About Me

Growing up between New York City and the California Wine Country, I developed an early love – and in-depth understanding – of great food, great wine, and great celebration. Since those early years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in both Napa and Sonoma Valleys, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City, from specialty food stores, catering companies, and family farms, to nationally acclaimed restaurants, as well as my own successful Supper Club in my shared home in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

With a focus on the flavors of France and Japan, with the influences of my time spent in Italian, Thai, Traditional-, Regional-, and New-American kitchens, I find that I focus most on bright, fresh and refreshing cuisines in the warmer months, with a shift into more comforting, warming, and nourishing flavors in the fall and winter. I draw a great deal of inspiration from various forms of preservation; from smoking and curing, to pickling, canning and (most importantly) fermenting, as well as whole animal butchery, foraging, cheese making, charcuterie production, and honing the techniques that are used less and less frequently in an increasingly modernized industry.

Whatever the occasion, I will provide the most thoughtful and healthful – as well as delicious and beautiful – food, drink and experience to your home, company, or special event. I look forward to working with you!

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