About us

We believe that great experiences happen over food, and that few things are more authentic than a meal cooked in your own home.

Celebrities such as Jamie Oliver are showing us the incredible variety of dishes than can be cooked at home. And TV shows like Masterchef, as well as food blogs, are pushing amateurs to become amazing chefs.

This got us wondering:

  1. How can those of us who are a little short on time experience a meal at home that is a little more authentic than a meal kit?
  2. Where can chefs practice their passion if they don’t want to work the traditional 6 days a week in a restaurant or give up their day jobs?

Our solution is Table at Home. We have made it simple to organize a great chef to cook for you in your home. Posting a request only takes minutes, and we have taken the guesswork out of choosing a chef with customer reviews and photos of chefs’ creations.

If you love the convenience of shared economy platforms like AirBnB and Uber, we think you will love the experience of using Table at Home.