1. Request your meal

  • This takes less than a minute. We just need a few key details, like proposed date, food style preferences, budget, etc.

  • A typical request might be a 2-3 course dinner for 8 next Saturday night, prefer Italian or Spanish and don't like fish. And with a budget of $60-$90 per person.

  • If you need inspiration, check out our Inspiration Gallery


2. Select your Chef

  • Within 24 hours, 2-5 Chefs propose Menus they would like to prepare for you

  • Each Chefs proposal has a clear menu and a total price, all inclusive of ingredients, cooking, serving and clean-up

  • Proposals are easy to compare, with chefs profiles, customer reviews and photos

  • You can message a chef to change a dish or ask a question

3. Enjoy

  • At the agreed time, your Private Chef comes to your home and prepares the meal in your kitchen. They bring all ingredients and any specialist cooking equipment you do not have

  • At the end of the meal, the chef cleans up and leaves you to relax after a great meal

  • We authorize your credit card 2 days before the meal, but only finalize payment and pay out the chef for you after the meal


Chef Pricing

  • You set a budget for your meal when making your request. Chefs then compete for your business with menus reflecting your budget and preferences

  • Chefs decide their own menus and prices, sending you all inclusive proposals that are easy to compare

  • As a guide, you could expect a Dinner for 8 to start from $640 ($80 per person), and Dinners for 2 typically start at $300 ($150 per person). Just like a restaurant meal, prices will vary depending on the type of food being prepared and the experience of the chef

  • Placing a meal request is free, with no commitment. If you do not like any of the chefs proposals, you can cancel the request

Splitting the bill with friends - Group Pay

  • Dinner parties and nice dinners are much more fun enjoyed with friends ... and even better when you can share the cost

  • Just like a restaurant, you can easily split the bill for your Private Chef experience with Table at Home

  • After you have confirmed a Chef, simply give your friends the Meal ID, and then they can provide their credit card details for payment through the GroupPay page on our site

  • All GroupPay splits needs to be finalized 5 days before the meal date. The remaining balance for the booking will be billed to the original person who booked the meal.

Table at Home has the best chefs for catering in your home for brunches, BBQs and vacation home catering
private chef at work table at home

Authentic Private Chefs vs Caterers

  • The Private Chefs on Table at Home are all authentic independent chefs who love to personally share their talents with customers - not mass market caterers

  • This means that they will need to use your kitchen to prepare the meal, and expect to use your plates, cutlery etc. for serving the meal

  • After you have confirmed a chef, they will contact you to understand your kitchen setup and work out what (if any) additional kitchen equipment they will need to bring

Peace of mind

  • We are a strict 'invite only' platform for chefs - our rigorous screening, interview and background check vetting process ensures you are only dealing with good quality chefs

  • User reviews let you hear from other customers what chefs are like and find the right chef for you

  • We manage all the booking logistics and payment through the platform so you don't spend hours going back and forth with multiple chefs on the phone, and the experience in the home is all about the food!

  • The process is seamless and simple so you can focus on enjoying your meal