Split the bill with Group Pay

Step 1 - Find your order

Your friend who confirmed the meal should have given you a 5 digit Order ID. Enter it below and confirm you have the right order

Step 2 - Create your payment
How Group Pay works
  • After confirming a meal with Table at Home you will receive a 5 digit Order ID
  • Share this 5 digit Order ID with the friends whom you want to split bill and have them go to our Group Pay page to provide their payment details. Both you and your friends will receive text confirmations for all confirmed payments
  • The confirmed payments from your friends is deducted from the total order value. You pay the remainder (e.g. you confirm a meal for $600 and your friends confirm payments of $400 - you will then be charged just $200)
  • All Group Pay bill splits need to be finalized 3 days before the meal
  • Payments for all orders are processed the day before the meal
  • Note - your friends do not need your username and login to use Group Pay. Just the 5 digit Order ID