April 4, 2018
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Our Top 5 tips for getting the BEST Private Chef for your next Dinner Party!

1. Post your request early
The top rated chefs on Table at Home get booked out week after week, so try put your request in at least 2 weeks in advance to have your pick on our busiest times (Friday and Saturday nights).

2. Browse our photo galleries for inspiration
All chefs are encouraged to post lots of photos of their work. Many have amazing photo portfolios that will make your mouth water. Check out the ‘food porn’ on our Inspire me page or our Instagram feed to get some new ideas on a food style or theme for your next dinner party.

3. Give chefs creative freedom on the menu
Chefs are creatives at heart. We have found that you get the best results when you give them a fairly free rein to propose a menu. So tell them you want vegetarian or have a craving for lamb, but don’t give them your grandma’s risotto recipe.

4. Look at other customers reviews when choosing your chef
Who better to tell you what a chef is really like than a fellow customer. When trying to pick between chefs, often the comments from other customers can help you work out who you want. In addition to feedback on the food, customers comments often tell you about who the personal style and atmosphere they create.

5. Don’t wait to the last minute to confirm a chef
Once you have received 3-4 proposals from chefs, and worked out the chef you want …. don’t wait too long to ‘Accept’ their proposal and confirm

Good luck!