May 3, 2018
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The Best Private chefs in New York on Table at Home [updated May 2018]

New York is truly one of the worlds food capitals. It is a place where new food trends are created and great private chefs come of age.

With so much happening in New York, finding a great private chef for that special dinner party or birthday celebration can be hard. You want the food to be amazing, and the chef to have a personal style that fits in with your vision. Most of all, you can’t afford to get it wrong! So, if you don’t have a personal connection with Daniel Boulud, how can you easily find a good quality private chef and learn about their reputation.

That is where services like Table at Home come in. We do the vetting for you, so you can concentrate on co-creating an amazing menu with your chef – not worrying if they really know how to prepare the perfect gnocchi. To get on our platform, all private chefs have to pass through a 3 part screening process, including a review of their work, interview and background check. In addition, user reviews help us continue to manage quality, and also give you a good sense of what the private chef is like. The short of it is, we only take great private chefs!

So with no further a do, please meet 3 of our Top Private Chefs in the New York – New Jersey – Connecticut area:

Private Chef Massimo

Private chef Massimo Table at Home

Chef Massimo was born in Italy and is a graduate of the Marco Polo Culinary Institute in Genoa, Italy. He has 30+ years experience as a chef, including stints at the Savoy Hotel in London, Louis XII in Monaco, Tre Merli bistro in NYC and Palio Restorante in Long island. Reflecting his heritage, what Massimo does best is amazing Mediterranean cuisine, whether its a eastern inspired succulent lamb kofta or his delicious gnochi he will make fresh right in front of you and your guests.

Salmon from Private Chef Massimo Table at Home


What some of his customer say

“Chef Massimo arrived with his wife who assisted him, Tara, and from the start they both were professional, in control and lovely to work with. Under a difficult situation (my dinner party was delayed a full hour), they handled the delayed timing without a hitch, and the dinner party was a tremendous success. The food was superb and all my guests were delighted and complimentary throughout the meal.
Chef Massimo has a way of combining spices, herbs, sauces and the freshest of vegetables and fish that were a delight to our palate and created a culinary sensation.
My holiday dinner party was amazing and I credit Chef Massimo and Tara ! Thank you!”
Dinner party for 12

“My challange was to host a 6 person dinner party centered around a specific and special Italian wine producer. The bottles were all unique so needed the food and experience to match. Table at Home connected me with Chef Massimo who did an amazing job preparing a menu to match our wine selection. On our night, Chef was punctual and began his work. The course timing worked perfectly and the entire meal was excellent. We were able to fully enjoy the wine and our guests without having to worry about anything. It was like having a Restaurant in my home. Chef also had a wonderful table side manner explaining the courses. The night was a total success!”
Dinner party for 6

“I cannot say enough about Chef Massimo. He was helpful, friendly, professional and his presentation and cooking was unsurpassed. I am so thankful that I was able to have him make my brother’s 60 birthday a success!”
Dinner party for 4

Private Chef Josh

Private Chef Josh from Table at Home

Private Chef Josh from Table at Home

Chef Josh does Modern American with a international twist. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he has been cooking for over 15 years, and traveled to over 40 countries to expand his skills and influences. A meal with Josh is truly a sophisticated global experience. Comfortable in any situation, Josh can do anything from a children cooking class to a multi course tasting menu.

Mahi Mahi crudo from Private Chef Josh Table at Home

What customer say about Josh

“Not only was the food delicious, Josh was a pleasure to have over cooking at our home. He was happy to answer the (very many) questions we asked about his preparation, and rolled with the punches as we added an additional person last minute, and were delayed sitting down.
We hired him for our mom’s birthday brunch, and he helped us craft a 3 delicious plates for a menu based on her favorite Mexican dishes. The ingredients were fresh and shopped for that same morning, and everything tasted SO good.
The kitchen was left spotless and the leftovers neatly stowed.
We look forward to hiring him again for many other occasions.”
Brunch for 6

“Joshua was excellent. We hired him for our one year wedding anniversary and he was informative, professional and above all talented. He took special care in sourcing seasoned and beyond fresh materials. We enjoyed our experience with him and look forward to using him in the future! ”
Cooking coach for 6

Chef Shandi (new)

Private chef Shandi from Table at Home

Private chef Shandi from Table at Home

Chef Shandi started her career as a nanny … but quickly realized her passion lay in cooking. Before long, Shandi morphed from Nanny to personal chef with multiple families in New York. Shandi’s biggest inspiration is her mum, who manged to put up with 3 finicky children and prepare separate (and elaborate) meals for each person. This labor of love has flowed over into Shandi’s cooking which is an enticing contemporary blend of healthy green power and yummy Mediterranean. While we don’t like to pigeon hole chefs, we think her brunch cuisine is the bomb! Check out her photos to see what we are talking about.

Avocado toast with mixed nuts and seeds Table at Home


In addition to these chefs, we have many other vetted private chefs on our platform. So, if you are thinking of spoiling yourself for that next dinner party or celebration dinner then give us a try. Putting in a request takes less than a minute, and within less than a day you will get some great proposals from the approved chefs on our platform. Then all you need to do is choose the one you like and sit back and relax.

Also – check out our Inspire me page to see some of the yummy dishes our chefs can prepare.

And – if you are still not sure, check out what other customers are saying about us on Google and Yelp