June 10, 2018
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How to choose a Private Chef – 5 things to look for [Updated June 2018]

Here at Table at Home, we see a lot of people choosing private chefs for their dinner parties and special events.

As the leading Private Chef Booking platform, we often get asked – What are the key things to consider when choosing the Perfect Private Chef?

Here are our Top 5 on How to Choose a Private Chef:

1. The Chefs Experience

Being a Great Private Chef is not easy. Its a bit of a one man juggling act. Not only does the Chef need to be a good cook, but they also need to be good at buying ingredients, time managing a meal, and talking with customers. Now, this does not mean that they need to have 15 years of Restaurant experience … but they do need to be experienced at juggling all the elements that are needed for a great dinner party. Maybe they got that experience from running their own restaurant, putting on their own dinner parties for the last 10 years or working full time as an in-house chef. All are relevant depending on your event. When choosing the right Private Chef for you, look for a Chef who has relevant experience and passion for doing events similar to yours.
Salmon from Private Chef Massimo Table at Home
Summer Citrus Salmon by Private Chef Massimo

2. Listens to your requirements

Everyone has their likes and dislikes, and many of us have dietary restrictions. When choosing a Private Chef, look for Chefs that listen to your requirements and crafts a custom menu that reflects this. So the chef who proposes his ‘Classic French Brulee’ dessert for your Vegan request is not a good sign. You want a Chef who proposes a menu that addresses all of your requirements – it not only shows that they are good listeners, it also shows they understand you. And who doesn’t like that ­čÖé
Filet mignon by Private Chef Meg from Table at Home
The Perfect Filet Mignon by Private Chef Meg

3. Creativity of Menu

For most of us, having a Private Chef to come and cook a meal for us is not something that happens everyday. We want it to be an experience! With this in mind, choose a chef with a creative and enticing menu. Maybe its a interesting twist on a dish you love, or something totally new to you. Push yourself a little out of your comfort zone, and you just might be pleasantly surprised! Look for chefs that take the time to write up a menu that describes their cooking in an enticing way and gets the mouth watering. Often the thought that a Private Chef puts into writing up their menus is a good indicator as to the care and passion they put in to their cooking.
Seared Local Rockfish, Roasted Chick peas, Shaved Fennel, Tomato Saffron Broth by Private Chef Randall from Table at Home
Seared Rockfish and Baby Octopus on Chick Peas by Private Chef Randall

4. What other Customers Say

At the end of the day, what other customers are saying about a Private Chef says a lot about not only the Chefs cooking abilities, but also their personal style and the way they interact with Customers. Customer Review (like you can see on Chefs profiles on Table at Home), give a true independent perspective on a Chef. Do they like to share their cooking secrets? Are they quiet or gregarious? How generous are their portions?
Often from reading a review you can get a view of whether a chef is right for you, that you just can’t get from a chefs background and photo gallery.
Fried Blue Soft-Shell Crab With Lemongrass Congee, Pickled Onions, and Gochugaru by Private Chef Terrence from Table at Home
Fried Blue Soft-Shell Crab with Lemongrass by Private Chef Terrence

5. Price

Finally, price is also important. Just like restaurant prices, the price that chefs charge for a meal vary widely between chefs. Each Chef has a view of what their services are worth. Finding the right Private Chef for you is about finding the right match between what you want from the Chef and what the Chef is offering. If you are after a simple home style meal for the family, then the pricing of a Chef with experience at a Michelin starred restaurant is not going to be good value for you. The same also applies to the sophistication of the menu. Just like on a restaurant menu, the price of a menu with more sophisticated ingredients like Lobster will generally be more.
So that is our list of the Top 5 things to consider when choosing a Private Chef.
If you are looking to hire a Private Chef for your next dinner party or cooking lesson experience, then please check out Table at Home. We make it as easy as 1-2-3 to hire a Great Private Chef. Putting in a Request for a Meal takes less than a minute, and our simple pricing and Customer review of chefs make it easy to find the right chef for you.
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